At M. A. Shah & Co. Chartered Accountants, we empower articles and employees to make a difference and chart out a detailed career progression that helps in personal and professional growth. We are a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals working in multi-functional teams to provide solutions to a variety of business issues, requirements and problems.

At our firm, we help young professionals to work on challenging assignments in a close-knit environment. Over the years, our experience has helped us gain trust among our clientele where they have found high quality & integrity in our service..

Our team strongly believes that, irrespective of the requirements, our organization would always have a ‘vacancy’ for article assistants.

Life at M. A. Shah & Co.

At M. A. Shah & Co., you will have the opportunity to grow and thrive along a career path that is determined by your own hard work as well as the assistance of career advisors.

M. A. Shah & Co. is a learning organisation – where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, and where collective aspiration is set free.

Where to Apply

Interested candidates may submit their detailed resumes, clearly mentioning their areas of interest and location preference (in the subject line) to [email protected]